Clinical diagnosis: How important is it to get one?

important diagnosisWhen you visit your MD doctor with some concerning symptoms, you want to get a clinical diagnosis from the MD doctor. You hope the clinical diagnosis is not a bad one but you do want to get the clinical diagnosis. When you are sent home by the MD doctor without a clinical diagnosis, you are almost disappointed. You may feel like you paid for a service but did not actually get the service.

Is getting a clinical diagnosis that important?

It may be the answer you are looking for when you go to the MD doctor with your health questions. It may surprise you to know that there are situations when you are far better off if you go home without a clinical diagnosis.

These are times when the MD doctors are happy that they did not have to make the clinical diagnosis that they were suspecting at the moment. But these are also the times when the patients and their loved ones are confused and distressed. They have been just told by the MD doctor that they do not know what is wrong with them. They simply do not have a clinical diagnosis after running all those tests all night long.clinical diagnosis

I face similar situations almost every day in my hospital practice. I am usually very happy for the patient that happens to be the lucky one without a clinical diagnosis. Not all my patients are that lucky. There will always be a few that will have to hear the news of a bad clinical diagnosis. I am not surprised that the lucky patient does not have any enthusiasm to share my happiness and excitement. On the contrary, I can see the disappointment and confusion. I try to explain the good news to them but they seem to be too anxious at the time to understand that they are the lucky ones. This chapter is my attempt to explain this concept to those families when they are not under the actual stress of not getting a clinical diagnosis.

There are certain diseases and certain symptom that must be taken seriously. I have explained such symptoms in details using layman terms with everyday examples so that all of you can understand these concepts. These are very simple concepts but you need to be calm and curious to understand them. If you were anxiously waiting for a clinical diagnosis all night, the same concept would be very difficult to explain.