A medical student is just a college student before starting medical school.

Well, there may be some exceptions. A few of the future medical students might have been in the medical field with slightly different roles. They could be nurses, pharmacy technicians or paramedics. But the typical future medical student is just a college student without much inside knowledge of clinical medicine.

medical student Nevertheless, a future medical student has great enthusiasm about the medical profession. Each future medical student is very excited at the prospect of ultimately becoming a MD doctor. A future medical student know that it is a profession that is highly regarded and rewarded by the society. Future medical students all share this excitement of ultimately becoming the great healer. Future medical students all have this mental picture of the good old MD doctor who is able to take away all pain and human suffering.

Before a future medical student actually starts his/her training, a future medical student shares the same ideas and belief system that his/her future patients have. As the future medical student has not yet immersed oneself into the technical and biological details of the medical world, the future medical student still believes in everyday miracles just like his/her future patients do. The future medical student still fantasizes about the healing touch that some of the patients experience from the MD doctors. The future medical student still thinks that “saving lives” will be the only major job description of the future job openings.

As the student starts his/her medical school, this vision slowly starts to change.The medical student slowly start to develop a point of view that will gradually start to differ from the patients. This transition is such a slow process that the medical student does not even realize his/her view of the medical profession is changing. Slowly, the medical student becomes more and more immersed in the technical and scientific details of the modern medical science and starts distancing oneself from the magical and romantic view of medicine that the medical student had before starting medical school.

When they ultimately get their medical license and start seeing actual patients, they will realize how simplistic and unrealistic view of medicine their patients have. By this time they have mostly forgotten that they held the same views before starting medical school.

For those who do not have the inside knowledge of how MD doctors actually make decisions about diagnosis and treatment, the world of medicine still sounds magical and mystical. This “inside knowledge” remains a secret of the MD doctors and nurses.

Dr. Sapkota has revealed all the secrets of how MD doctors think and how they make those important decisions about your health. This information will help you better understand your MD doctor and will ultimately help you help your MD doctor make the right diagnosis for you.