What exactly do they teach student doctors in medical schools?

medical school student doctorsHave you ever wondered what kind of curriculum is taught to the student doctors in medical schools? What kind of education turns college students into student doctors?

If you are not in the medical field, you can only guess what goes on inside medical schools. You may have some ideas by watching student doctors on TV shows such as ER, Chicago hope, Grey’s Anatomy and so on. But what you see as student doctorsin these programs just represent a small part of medical education. There is a lot more student doctors do than just follow MD doctors around and take orders from the nurses. What you see on TV is the final part of the medical education where student doctors get some hands-on training by following real MD doctors and nurses.

The first two to three years of what student doctors do in medical school is not as glamorous as shown on TV. These early years of medical education give student doctors a chance to learn all about the science of medical practice. So what exactly is the science of medical practice? Simply speaking, it is the combination of different biologic sciences that explore the human body to the smallest detail and follow each and every process that goes on inside our body.

You do not need any background knowledge in biochemistry or microbiology to understand what student doctors learn in medical schools. In fact you do not need any prior knowledge of science or biology to understand what I have described in this chapter. All you need is some curiosity about stuent doctors and medical students. I have explained the full details of the curriculum of medical schools and how student doctors learn these concepts in a very simple language that anyone can understand. Next time you visit your MD doctor, you will be able to understand what exactly your MD doctor has learned in the medical school that gives him so much confidence to save lives.