Do you have a family nurse in your house?


You are really fortunate if you have family nurse at home. She can be of great assistance to you if you have any medical problems. You can count on her for timely health related advice as well as reminders and recommendations. She can also watch what you eat and give you instructions about the healthy lifestyle changes. She can explain the benefits of taking your medications regularly. Family nurse can tell you why it is important to have your cholesterol checked at regular intervals and she can also give you a detailed explanation of what those cholesterol numbers mean. Family nurse can also alert you about the possible side effects of the medications that you are taking. Family nurse will also give you instructions about what to do in case these side effects do appear after taking the medications. Family nurse will also check your medication list to make sure there are no harmful interactions among those pills. Family will also check to make sure any over-the-counter medication that you buy at the store agrees with your medical problems and your medication list.

healthy-familyHaving said all that, can you think of any possible disadvantage or drawback from having a nurse in the family? If not, you will find a chapter in the book that describes an interesting phenomenon. There is one potential conflict that can arise as a result having a family nurse in your house. The chapter describes this possible conflict in details and will also tell you how to avoid that pitfall. For those of you who do not have a nurse in the family, it might also give you an idea about how to take charge of your own health matters.