Can MD doctors continue to practice what they learned in medical school?

confused doctor in medical schoolSounds like a stupid question, doesn’t it?

If you have to go to a medical school to become a MD doctor, you should practice what you were taught in medical school. To do otherwise may seem like a bad practice.

You may be surprised to know that most MD doctors do not actually practice what exactly they learned in medical school. In fact, if they did, that might be a bad practice. In other words, you would be better off if your MD doctor did not practice what he was taught in medical school. Does this sound confusing to you? Bear with me for a while. You may think that finishing medical school is the end of medical education. But it is, in fact, just the beginning of any MD doctor’s medical education. Medical schools only give MD doctors the basic knowledge about how to practice medicine. They do not give them the confidence and the specific knowledge required to treat any particular patient. They do not give him the skills required to handle any stressful situation in the ER or the ICU.

If medical schools attempted to prepare all medical students for all those specific skills,medical school hospital medical education may actually require at least 14 years instead of the normal 4 or 5 years. Real learning starts when they finish medical school and actually start to see patients on their own. They actually have to walk the walk to understand what things really matter when they are trying to make the best decision for any particular patient. Not all situations and specific disease states have textbook answers. Sometimes they have to do their own literature search and research to find out what the best treatment options would be for any particular situation. They will also have to make their own judgment about whach option would best suit the needs of the patient based on not only the medical condition of the patient but also the social and family situation.

Medical knowledge keeps evolving with time. It keeps changing every year after the MD doctor graduates from medical school.Just about 5 years after the MD doctors leave medical school, half of what they were taught in medical school will have been proven wrong. The funny thing is when they graduate from medical school, they have no idea which half will turn out right and which half will be proven wrong.