Doctor patient relationship: The Secrets of Modern Medicine Revealed

Welcome to the mystic world of modern medical world of doctor patient interaction. Grab your stethoscope and feel like a MD doctor for the day and help improve doctor patient relationship. Here, you will learn how MD doctors actually think. You will understand how doctor patient interaction takes place and how doctors makes those big decisions about patient diagnosis and x-ray You will know how a seemingly trivial fact about your symptom can tip a  doctor off to a completely different line of diagnostic thinking. Above all, you will learn the methods of doctor-patient interaction and will understand what goes inside the doctors head when they listen to the patients' symptoms and listen to patients' heart sounds. This website is authored by a board certified Internal Medicine doctor who wants to empower the patients by giving them the inside information of how medical decisions are made from doctor patient interaction.You do not need any medical knowledge to understand what you read. Everything discussed in this website is written for all readers.There is no medical or technical term involved. It is all written in plain simple English for you to enjoy.

What is the doctor thinking when the doctor patient interaction is going on?

Any doctor patient interaction can be very stressful and anxiety provoking to patients. Patients can not help but wonder what the doctor might be thinking while examining them. Most of the time ,patients try to get some clues from the doctor patient interaction about what the doctor might be implying with his questions This second guessing inevitably makes the patients more anxious. There is a large gap between how the patients perceive modern medical practice and the actual methods of diagnosis and treatment used by the doctors to practice modern medicine. doctor patientThere is so much information out there about medical technology and different types of new medicines that it is not surprising most people outside the medical profession think that modern medical practice is a very advanced science. This is why patients have very unrealistic expetations during the doctor patient interaction. But the elements of doubts, uncertainties, subjectiveness and imperfections of the modern medical practice remain a hidden secret inside the medical circle.

What do doctors avoid telling the patients during the doctor patient encounter?

Most doctors avoid letting patients know how uncertain and subjective the medical descision maling process is. The doctor patient interaction is the time when patients want certainty from the doctor. The doctor patient iteraction time is the only chance for the patients to ask the MD doctors definite questions and demand definite answers. The doctor is supposed to be confident about the diagnosis. The doctor is supposed to tell the patients what to do with a voice of certainity and authority. That is why the doctors have a hard time letting patients know about how uncertain and subjective modern medicine is. This is how the elements of doubts, uncertainties, subjectiveness and imperfections of the modern medical practice remain a hidden secret inside the medical circle. The doctors do share a lot of findings and thoughts with the patients about their medical condition during the doctor patient interaction. There are good doctors who take a long time to answer all the questions that the patients and their family may have. But, the doctors normally do not reveal how or why they reached those conclusions. In other words, the doctors do a good job explaining their opinion about the diagnosis or the treatment options that they think would be the best for the patients but they do not feel the need to discuss how they reached that conclusion and how they formulated those diagnosis or treatment options.

MD doctor tells his side of story of the doctor patient interaction

The purpose of this website and the book is to give you the doctor's side of the story so that you become more familiar with the inside "trade secrets" or the methods of modern medicine. When you know how doctors think, you can be more relaxed during the doctor patient encounter. When you know the motive behind the questions that the nurses and doctors ask you, you will understand the importance of answering these questions truthfully. You will no longer be second guessing the doctor when he asks you a question that you might feel somewhat embarrassed to answer. You will also understand the limitations of modern medical practice. You will understand what sophisticated modern DNA testing can do but, more importantly, you can also understand what it can not do. You will also find out how much a million dollar MRI machine can find out about your body and how MD doctors use that information to make decisions about your treatment. Everything discussed in this website is written for general readers. There is no medical or technical term to learn and you do not need any prior medical knowledge to understand what you read here.